Our Brand

Pursuing healthier Indonesia since 1989, Mitra Keluarga has successfully built hospital network that is trusted by Indonesian family today. More than twenty five years serving Indonesian people, we have dealt with the dynamics in providing healthcare services that challenges us to continuously improve ourselves. Starting from our commitment to ‘touch’ more Indonesian family, we are ready to step forward.

Mitra Keluarga Hospital becomes Mitra Keluarga, to bring to life “family” in Mitra Keluarga, becoming more than just hospital. Be more dynamic and alive. Mitra Keluarga is “life.love.laughter.”

“life.love.laughter.” is the symbol of Mitra Keluarga transformation from hospital to home.

By becoming ‘HOME’, Mitra Keluarga is committed to serve the community as our family, with service and treatment that allows them to live life fully, full of love and laughter.