Mitra Keluarga CSR

Mitra Keluarga regularly conducts public health services and social services. Being in the business of providing healthcare services, Mitra Keluarga strives to fulfill its responsibilities to society.

The Company has conducted various Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities during 2014.

Go Green Movement

The Company is a firm believer in environmental conservation. The Company’s hospitals have adopted electronic prescription and imaging methods, thereby reducing the consumption of paper and other materials through technology. The Company also complies with a government regulation on the environment of Regulation No. 32 of 2009 that stipulates that the Environmental License, issued by the Ministry of Environment, Governor, or Mayor/Regent (depending on each regional authority) will be granted to all business sectors that are required to conduct an Environmental Impact Analysis (Analisis Mengenai Dampak Lingkungan or “AMDAL”) or an Environment Management Effort and Environment Monitoring Effort (Upaya Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup dan Upaya Pemantauan Lingkungan Hidup or “UKL & UPL”).

This Environmental License is a mandatory requirement for companies wishing to obtain their Operational Business License and will expire concurrently with the Operational Business License.

All of the Company’s hospitals have obtained their Environmental License and they submit reports to their respective authorities every six months.

Public Health Services

The company regularly conducts seminars and lectures at its hospitals to educate the patients on issues related to health and disease. During 2014, the Company held over 80 seminars and lectures. The Company also hosts volunteer groups for people with cancer, kidney failure and other health problems.

Social Services

The Company periodically provides free treatments and conducts masssurgeries for the underprivileged or participates in collaborative programs such as blood donation drive to assist the Indonesia Red Cross.

Mitra Keluarga marked its 25th anniversary on 11 January 2014. It is a significant milestone and establishes Mitra Keluarga as a reliable, reputable and experienced healthcare service provider in Indonesia. The Company wanted to commemorate this special occasion in a meaningful way and involve all the people who contributed to its development. As part of its silver jubilee celebrations, the Company conducted a number of social activities, bringing the theme of “Sharing Wellness for a Healthier Indonesia” to the underprivileged community in the vicinity of the Company’s hospitals.

To spread the message of ‘Sharing Wellness’, Mitra Keluarga provided free treatment for the following:

Mitra Keluarga places education in the center of its CSR program by providing opportunities for continuing higher education. The Company grants scholarships through its affiliated academy STIKes Mitra Keluarga, a private higher education institution specializing in health education since 2010. These scholarships serve as a bridge between students, educational institutions and the industry. Various types of scholarships are offered, for precollege, college and for outstanding students, scholarships for post-college. Qualified graduates of this program are offered employment opportunities at the Company’s hospitals. By 31 December 2014, a total of 128 nurses had graduated through this scholarship program and are employed at Mitra Keluarga hospitals.

The number of scholarship recipients is depicted in the table below.

Graduates from the scholarship program have been placed across Mitra Keluarga hospitals as shown in the table below.

Mitra Keluarga will continue to conduct initiatives to support a better quality of living for the community as part of its responsibilities to society.