Mitra Keluarga believes in good corporate governance principals. The Company places the highest importance on establishing good corporate governance practices to maintain the trust of its shareholders and customers, as well as to conduct business in a competent and efficient manner in line with high international standards.

Mitra Keluarga believes that business integrity is important and aims to keep investor confidence by following business practice guidelines and regulations set out by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Mitra Keluarga’s corporate governance structure revolves around its General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Corporate Secretary, and Audit Committees. The different units perform distinct tasks that serve to support the other units and their functions. All units work together to achieve and maintain high standards of good corporate governance that have allowed Mitra Keluarga to attain its position as one of the largest private hospitals listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization.

At Mitra Keluarga, GCG is implemented based on the principles of Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independency, and Fairness. This is to ensure the creation of a comprehensive balance between economic and social, individual and public, internal and external, short term and long term interests as well as the interests of the stakeholders.

  1. Transparency: refers to transparency in the disclosure of material and relevant information as well as transparency in the decision making process to protect the interests of all stakeholders.
  2. Accountability: reflects the commitment to be accountable to shareholders for its performance in a transparent and fair manner.
  3. Responsibility: involves commitment to comply with all prevailing regulations as well as adherence to sound management principles as a reflection of a good corporate citizen.
  4. Independency: ensures that the Company and all employees can work objectively, contributing to development of the Company, independent from any potential intervention or pressure from conflict of interest.
  5. Fairness: ensures fair and equal treatment for all stakeholders, it underscores Mitra Keluarga’s commitment to provide fair and equal treatment to all stakeholders.

The shareholders of Mitra Keluarga have rights as investors and owners. Mitra Keluarga aims to present itself as transparent, accurate and timely in providing information and communication to its shareholders and investors. The Company has set up a website to further aid investors with access to important Company’s information, financial reports and the latest news and developments.

Shareholders are invited to attend General Meeting of Shareholders and participate in providing input for future company policies. The Corporate Secretary’s duties include that of an information center for shareholders and investors who wish to know more about Company plans, operations and developments.

General Meeting of Shareholders are organized by the Corporate Secretary and govern the appointment of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors. The remuneration and targets for the Company’s Commissioners and Directors are set out in the General Meeting of Shareholders.

During 2014, the Company held four General Meeting of Shareholders.